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“Craig originally stepped in for Five-Star Boxing at the 11th hour in the absence of another photographer. His easy going attitude, approachable character and professional results ensured we continued to use him for our events regularly. The images he ultimately produces ticks all the boxes from what you would expect from a photographer as well as his own unique vision of capturing something truly original”

Martin Gowing

Corporate / Client Area:

Here you will find a list of many of my recent corporate and commissioned work. This area of the site is solely for those who have paid for my services and is therefore password protected. Please contact me if you feel you should have access to any of these shoots.
Portraiture Corporate / Commissioned
August 2012 Antonelina - Night-time street April 2012 Tamesis Dock - Bar / Boat
July 2912 Emma - Studio / Boudoir May 2012 The Riffz - Band
June 2012 Emme - Studio / Boudoir / Location Dec 2011 Be There Moments - Club Night
June 2012 Sophie- Studio / Boudoir / Location March 2012 Five Star Boxing
May 2012 Jessica & Ashley - Studio / Boudoir / Location February 2012 Five Star Boxing
May 2012 Roz - Boudoir / Location December 2011 Five Star Boxing
May 2012 Thula - Location October 2011 Five Star Boxing
May 2012 Grace - Boudoir / Location May 2011 Five Star Boxing
November 2011 Roz & Rosita - Studio July 2011 Aardvark Nursery School
    July 2011 Dean & Woods
    February 2011 Five Star Boxing
Weddings Misc
March 2012 Vikki & Michael July 2012 Delphines Birthday
April 2012 Jonno & Lulu December 2011 Newborn - NAME
September 2011 Kerry & Alex July 2011 Newborn - Summer & Skye
July 2011 Lauren & Dean