1 - Subject
2 -Enhancement
3 - Effects
4 - Presentation
5 - Mounting
6 - Moulding
7 - Finish


M: 07803605229

I am a keen photographer and it has always astonished me the price of having your finished piece of work framed. So I took a framing course in a bid to provide a service for myself to reduce the cost of a finished frame. I offer a quality bespoke service and as I work alone your project will get that personal touch. Being a photographer I am very aware of the care and attention to detail your masterpiece deserves.

My aim is to provide a complete service. From providing an image (or working with an existing one) to printing, mounting and framing your subject. I have separated the process into 7 steps. Alternatively you can pick and chose from the steps to ensure you receive a service that’s tailored to your particular requirements:

All of the steps can be mixed and matched, maybe you have an image that just needs red eye adjustment, maybe you have an ‘idea’ of an image but need that image in certain colours (to match your internal décor). Maybe you simply need a frame for a finished image you already own.

Whatever your needs please don’t hesitate to contact me for a service tailored to you.

Mobile: 07803605229